Casablanca Marquees | FAQ
Casablanca Marquees London’s leading event and party hire company. We provide high quality service and support to each of our clients, regardless of the size of their event.
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Marquee Hire Questions

Q: What size marquee do I need?

A: This depends on a number of factors e.g. you will need a larger marquee if your guests are to be seated as opposed to standing. If you call our office we’ll be happy to advise you as to what size marquee you’ll require.

Q: At what stage would you come out for a site visit?

A: Most small events don’t require a site visit. However if the event venue has complications that can’t be resolved in our booking process, or it’s a larger more complex event, then we would usually provide a site visit. All site visits would be at the earliest convenience after we receive event and venue information. We do not charge for site visits.

Q: Are your marquees waterproof?

A: Yes. All of our marquees are made from the highest quality waterproof polyester.

Q: Are marquees suitable for winter events?

A: Absolutely. Marquees are suitable throughout the year. We’ll always provide an appropriate amount of heating for marquees hired during the cooler months.

Q: Can I decorate the marquee myself?

A: Of course, the ability to decorate a marquee is one of the unique selling points for choosing a marquee over another venue. We welcome customers to decorate their marquees.

Q: Why is it important for the client to be there on day of install?

A: It’s important for the client to be there for many reasons. These are to make sure everything is to their satisfaction, to have a demonstration on using the equipment, to notify of any site issues or potential problems, to answer any questions about electrics or other services, to sign documents on completion and to make any outstanding payments.

Q: Can the marquee be connected to the building?

A: Our marquees can serve as an ‘extension’ or awning to a building if the space is suitable. Covered walkways are also possible. We always do our best to gutter our marquees to buildings if requested by the client.

Q: Can marquees be erected on uneven ground?

A: Although it’s easier when marquees are erected on level ground, marquees can be erected on uneven ground.

Q: Can marquees be opened in warm weather?

A: Yes. The walls of our marquees can be opened and secured quickly and easily. Please see our gallery section for some examples of open marquees